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Company Introduction


Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd. (HBC) was founded in 1954. It was involved in two projects among the 156 key projects of New China in its First Five-Year Plan. It is the world largest manufacturer for large power generation equipment with the most powerful ability in R&D, design and manufacture. HBC has developed into China’s top-class supplier for design, manufacture and service of nuclear power equipment, power station’s auxiliary equipment, large petrochemical equipment, environment protective products, etc. More than 70% of first domestic utility boilers were born here. The boilers have been installed in more than four hundred power stations in the country and exported to more than 20 countries and regions. By the end of 2013, the accumulative capacity of utility boilers made by HBC had reached 278 million kW, its output ranked the first in the country.

In its 60 years` history, it has created many Chinese First. From medium pressure, high pressure and ultra-high pressure boilers to sub-critical, supercritical and ultra-supercritical boilers, it has formed a series of products which can fire various coals in different combustion methods. First domestic 6MW, 12MW, 25MW, 50MW, 100MW, 200MW boilers, 600MW medium pressure, high pressure, ultra-high and sub-critical boilers, 350MW super-critical boiler, 670MW lignite-fired tower-type super-critical boiler, 600MW, 1000MW and 1100MW ultra-supercritical boilers and 660MW and 1000MW ultra-supercritical double reheat boilers are all manufactured by HBC. It also has successfully and independently developed first domestic 50MW, 100MW, 135MW, 200MW, 300MW and 330MW class CFB boilers, and 300MW “W” flame boiler, 600MW super-critical “W” flame boiler and 9F class HRSG as well. Furthermore, it has also designed and manufactured amounts of large chemical vessels and special boilers which can fill the blank in China with advanced international level, such as 5MW low temperature nuclear heat-supply equipment, hydrogen reactor, titanium condensator, vacuum drying vessel with 7.5m diameter, ammonia tower, CO2 stripping tower and catalytic cracking unit, high pressure spherical tank, gasifier and 300MW nuclear-power steam generator. Meanwhile, HBC has actively stepping into environmental protection industry and achieved outstanding results in De-NOx, low-NOx combustion, air preheater and seawater desalination areas.

Taking technology innovation as its focus, keeping Committee on Science and Technology Development Strategy as its center, the core “4211” has formed diversified and open product R&D system, including development, design, technology and scientific research management. HBC insists on the combination of introduced technology and its digestion and absorption, and vigorously promotes independent innovation and has achieved fruitful results in R&D development. Nowadays, its design and manufacture technologies have stepped into the world advanced level. HBC had been awarded the First Class National Award for Science and Technology Progress 3 times, the Second Class National Award for Science and Technology Progress 13 times and more than 160 Science and Technology Progress Awards at the provincial and ministerial level, which makes HBC to be top of this industry.

In recent years, the quality of enterprise and the core competence have been further improved by deep reform and strengthening management. HBC has ranked to Top 500 China Industrial Enterprises” for many years. Meanwhile. HBC has enjoyed a good reputation among the owners from home and abroad as it owns completed management system, excellent project quality and high-class service. HBC holds the Certificates for designing and manufacturing national Class A boiler, A1-level, A2-level and SAD-level pressure vessels, and for civilian nuclear pressure equipment; S, U and U2 stamps under ASME codes and Letter of Authorization issued by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (AMSE), the Letter of Authorization for nuclear products N and NPT, NS as well as ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 Authorization Certificate. HBC has successively won more than 80 adwards, such as “National May 1 Labor Medal”, “National First-Class Enterprise”, “Advanced Collectives of Central Enterprise”, “Home of National Model Workers” and “Advanced Basic-level Party Organization of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission”.  

Facing the future, HBC will continue to adhere to the core corporate concepts of “integrity, efficiency and harmony”, strive to build itself into the “best in China and first-class in the world” modern enterprise, make efforts to provide more efficient, green and environment friendly products to human beings and make more contribution for the development of equipment manufacturing industry of China and the world.